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Zoe is a dynamic and visionary leader with a passion for empowering people and creating positive change in the public, private, and third sectors.

With a background in sports therapy and a deep understanding of leadership and organisational philosophy, Zoe brings a unique and holistic perspective to her work. She has a strong track record of success in senior leadership roles, serving as a Trust Chair and Non-Executive Director as well as holding multiple public appointments.

Zoe is a skilled decision-maker with a keen eye for strategy, culture, governance, and accountability. She is committed to achieving great outcomes by fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement throughout organizations.

Over the course of her 20-year career in the education and skills sector, Zoe has worked across a range of settings, including general further education, elite sport, private training providers, and a well-established environmental charity. She is deeply committed to sustainability and has founded a number of initiatives to support local communities with their green and blue spaces and education.

As a public speaker, coach, and change maker, Zoe is dedicated to sharing her expertise and empowering others to reach their full potential.

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we believe that positive change is driven by empowered people. That's why we work with organisations, leaders, and individuals to unlock potential, enable growth, and create learning cultures that set the stage for sustainable success.


Integrity: We believe in doing the right thing, even when it's hard. Our commitment to integrity means we will always be honest and transparent with our clients, and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Leadership: We understand that effective leadership is key to driving positive change. That's why we aim to help our clients cultivate strong, confident leaders at all levels of their organisation and lead by example.

Collaboration: We believe that lasting change happens when everyone is working together. Through collaboration, we work alongside our clients to co-create solutions that meet their unique needs.

Continuous Learning: We are committed to ongoing learning and growth, both for ourselves and for our clients. We believe that by fostering a culture of continuous learning, we can inspire and equip others to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Respect: We believe in treating others with respect and dignity, valuing diversity and creating an environment where everyone feels included and heard.

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