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What's My Story

What's my story, sitting here in the front row? I can hardly believe that this is my first blog entry for Jackshaw Consultancy. I'm reminded of all the people who have influenced and shaped my life along the way. Looking back on my journey, I'm filled with a sense of gratitude and a deep appreciation for those individuals who have helped me.

Growing up in the small town of Gosport in Hampshire, I was always an active child, but school was not my strong suit unless it involved art or drama. I remember the regular weekly lonely walks up a stairwell into a tower for 121 literacy support. However, I have since discovered my superpowers - my wonderful imagination, abstract thinking, focus, high energy, and resilience. I met my husband young and started a family early. I also experienced the struggles of superpowers with my oldest son and navigated our way through the positive impact of embracing and understanding those superpowers. Like a Marvel movie, where the character learns of their powers and makes the all-powerful decision on how to use them, paving the way for their purpose in life.

In my early 20s, with two young children, I was lacking a direction in life. In just five years, I had two children, married, renovated then moved house, lost my grandad to motor neuron disease, and faced my own health scare and subsequent operation. I was happy but lost in direction.

We can all name a person or experience that has changed our perception and mindset. People have the power to change our perception and direction in life, by challenging our beliefs and ideas, introducing us to new perspectives and opportunities, or simply offering a listening ear and support during difficult times. Some of the most significant moments in our lives can be traced back to the people who have influenced us. Challenging our biases and helping us to see beyond the limitations we often place upon ourselves and others.

It's easy to underestimate the powerful impact that people can have on our lives and how they shape our sense of purpose. My husband, sons, and dear friends were integral in helping me gain clarity in my direction and purpose, strengthening my courage and self-belief. Alongside poignant encounters and experiences, I have found myself on a path that aligns with my values and aspirations.

So, what's the Jackshaw Consultancy's story? After becoming a mother in my early 20s, a dear friend, and my nan became my steer, I returned to college, with two children five and under, and founded my vocation as a sports therapist before leaping into teaching. Soon, I became a manager, and although I still had a way to become a leader, I was on my path. Then, tragedy struck when I lost my beloved nan in 2016. However, her influence lives on in my life to this day, as does that of my friend and many others who have crossed my path and are still in my life.

So, what’s in the name, Jackshaw Consultancy? My husband and I were hugely influenced by our nans, two strong, humble women whose last names were Jackson and Balshaw - hence 'JACKSHAW'.

What's your story? Who are the people who have influenced and impacted your life in ways big and small? Take a moment to reflect on your journey and never forget the power of human connection to help us realize our true potential.

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